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Welcome to UEA CU! Whether you are here by mistake or had no idea UEA CU actually had a website, your so welcome!

Life at university can be tough, it comes with its own set of struggles and difficulties and the newfound independence. A life of faith at university isn't easy, it takes a lot of courage and resilience. BUT it's SO worth it, we get to do life with each other in CU, our churches and most importantly with our loving God. We get to life live to the fullest!!!

As a CU, we do that by building strong relationships, praying and praising together and learning what God's word says about who we are.

The exciting thing is - this is for YOU, too!

The best thing is that everyone is welcome, Every single person. So why not come along to our events, we would love to chat to you!



This is small groups within CU that help to build community and deeper relationships with each other and God.


There are so many churches in Norwich to get stuck in to!
Find one for you today!

Why not come along to our church search during welcome week!



Do you have questions or want to learn more about what it means to be a Christian. We have lots of testimonies and resources to help you out.

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